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Heating/Air conditioning engineer
Balanced Flue BTU Condenser
Copex Gravity Fed Indirect
KW Leigonella Pressured System
Split System TRVs  
A horizontal gas flue that has concentric tubes, i.e. one inside the other, arranged in this way so that one tube carries out the exhaust fumes and the other brings in the air for combustion. The combustion chamber is thus room-sealed and safe.
British Thermal Units. A measurement of heat output now replaced by kW. 1 Btu / Hr = 0.000293kW. A 90,000BTu boiler is approximately 26kW.
The outside unit in an air-conditioning system that disperses the waste heat and condenses the gas back to a liquid.
A trade name for flue liners made from flexibly jointed stainless steel. This is used to line brick flues to prevent carbon monoxide leaking into the house.
A central heating system that does not use pumps but circulates the water by gravity and water expansion.
See indirect tank under Plumber.
KW Kilowatts.
A measurement of power, which may be expressed as energy, consumed in a period such as kW/hrs.
The term given to a group of bacteria that thrives in water of between 15 and 450C. The bacteria can infect susceptible people and result in an illness similar to pneumonia. The bacteria has been found in shower heads and it is therefore a good idea to have the domestic water supplies from storage systems regularly flushed professionally if there are persons using systems who are elderly or with health problems. The systems particularly prone are older mixers where the hot and cold are mixed remote from the head.
A hot water and radiator system that has a sealed pressure vessel to deal with expansion and a safety valve to prevent damage. The advantage is that higher temperatures can be reached, a header tank does not limit the height of radiators and the system can be compact for flats. The system does need special approval from the local council building control.
A term used to describe comfort cooling, commonly termed "air-conditioning", where the room evaporator and the outside condenser are split and not within a combined unit.
Thermostatic radiator valve. A room temperature sensing valve on a radiator, which locally switches off the radiator at a preset temperature.
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