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— Well established track record in property management

— A flexible and innovative approach to new management business

— Extensive geographical coverage throughout London

— Part of a financially sound company trading since 2001

— Professional approach using quality driven systems

— Cutting Edge IT systems and the ability to respond and work to clients' own system

— Urang Director contact overseeing your property for key issues

— Quick response callouts for maintenance works from our building division



Below are some Frequently Asked Questions.
If you have other questions or need advice please e-mail them to

What is a freeholder?

The freeholder is the owner of the land that the property is built on.

What is ground rent?

The owner of the land that flats are built on allow the use of the land on the basis of granting a long lease, in return this gives the owner the right to make a rental charge called ground rent.

What is a Management Company?

A Management Company is a company limited by share or guarantee whose members are residents of a development. These companies are run by Directors elected from amongst the residents who in turn usually appoint Managing Agents to administer the company and manage the developments. This is where Urang come in.

What is a service charge?

A service charge is a sum payable by the owner of the flat to cover the costs of insuring and maintaining the common parts of a development, lighting insurance etc

Why is there usually one insurance policy for all of the flats and development?

It is better to have a block policy that covers every flat because if it was left to individual flat owners to insure their own property and one flat was uninsured this would create serious problems for the adjoining properties. It would also be extremely confusing and cumbersome settling an insurance claim where there are a number of insurers involved.

If I am not happy with my Managing Agent can I sack them?

All leaseholders have rights concerning management of their property. If the Managing Agents are appointed by the freeholder the latter should take into account your views concerning the choice of agents. The formal process for insisting that a freeholder changes agents is laid down in statute and we would be pleased to provide advice and guidance in relation to this. If the agent is appointed by the Management Company there is usually the opportunity for leaseholders to make their views known to Directors for the Management Company either informally or at the Annual General Meeting.

Can I buy the freehold of my development?

The law provides a legal framework to allow a group of residents to purchase their own freehold. However before embarking on this it is sensible to obtain specialist advice on the acquisition process and the value of the freehold. Urang has the expertise to assist in this area.




The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 provides the right for leaseholders to get the transfer of the landlord's management functions to a company set up by them - the right to manage company.

The right was introduced, not just as a means of taking control from bad landlords, but also to empower leaseholders, who generally hold the majority of value in the property, to take responsibility for the management of their block.

The process is relatively simple. The landlord's consent is not required, nor is any order of court. There is also no need for the leaseholders to prove mismanagement by the landlord. The right is available, whether the landlord's management has been good, bad or indifferent.

The right is exercised by the service of a formal notice on the landlord. After a set period of time, the management transfers to the right to manage company (the RTM company) which has been set up by the leaseholders. Once the right to manage has been acquired, the landlord is also entitled to membership of the company.

Urang would be pleased to take you through the RTM process for free if you commit to appointing us to manage the property (London only)

for more information contact Paul Cleaver 020 7751 8356 or email

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