Max Haddow CEO Wrapstar  

How did you hear about Urang's Platinum service?
Found them on the internet and liked their site, it was nice and easy to navigate around. They didn’t advertise the platinum service on the site but after explaining to the project manager my requirements, she put me in touch with Andrew Marshall and he advised me about the Platinum service.

Why were you sold on the Platinum service?
I had just bought the house and was keen to get into it for Summer so wanted the place done asap, the increased team size that Urang were able to offer meant the job time was going to be quicker than I had anticipated. I am also very particular about finish and I really wanted to know that I was getting the best of the best. The accuracy of tiling, shadow gaps and other finishes were very important to me. I was spending a lot of money on my fittings and knew that if they were not fitted 100% right then I was wasting my money on them and also liked the fact that the platinum team had also just worked on a few of the directors properties. I also liked the idea of a two year warranty that the service offered.

How did you find the Urang building team ?
I moved out the house for the works so didn’t really get to know them all that well. My site manager Pawel was very pleasant and was full of good ideas and they finished 1 week early which was great.

Have you used the guarantee emergency call out service ?
Not yet, but it is nice knowing it is there

Any faults in the service ?
None, however it wasn’t cheap but Urang set my expectations on price before the first meeting so I knew what to expect

Would you use the platinum service again ?

Definitely, it was stress free and the level of finish was fantastic. The detailed property portfolio pack Urang gave me will put any purchasers minds at rest when I come to sell in the future. It is probably not for everyone but either is first class air travel. If you can afford this service you won’t regret it.

Any last words?
I didn’t think it would be possible to walk around my house afterwards and not notice any detail that I wasn’t 100% happy with after the work. It was to my surprise and I just love being in the house, as it doubles up as my company headquarters it gives clients a fantastic first impression of my business, which is an added bonus